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My gift... and My Curse
~A Red Rose in the Black Darkness~
8th-Aug-2015 07:58 pm - Happy Mugenday
yasu killer smile
I'm so glad I am able to post today because it's Mugenday!

Happy 8/8, Eighters ♥♥♥

4th-May-2015 07:09 pm - I hate summer
yasu ur mine
Just saying
It's almost 40c here everyday
And my AC broke

I just hate summer so much!
27th-Apr-2015 01:24 am - Updated PV Masterpost
yasu killer smile
LJ looks so different now
Maybe it's the fact that I no longer have a paid account,
or the fact that some buttons were already turned into dropdown options XD

But despite not being that active anymore, I will never leave LJ

I'm obviously still very much alive, just lazy to post
But tonight is a bit of an exception because I have actually been quite productive!

I have updated my Kanjani8 PV Masterpost!
>> http://neitaro.livejournal.com/292835.html
Other PVs are here
>> http://neitaro.livejournal.com/293206.html

It's up to date now until Gamushara Koushinkyoku
It'll be easy to update in real time (again) from now on too!

I have already ordered my Kanjanism DVD and I'm just waiting for it to be shipped
On the other hand, I have already pre-ordered Tsuyoki3 as well

I no longer buy magazines unless the cover is Yasu (or Keito, which will never happen)
I wanted to buy everything Yuma but I have decided to do that maybe when I'm already rich
Same with HSJ releases
I still really love HSJ and Yuma (and Shintaro) so much, but I just can't buy all their releases for I have other more important priorities
But with Eito, I just can't miss a thing
I am their slave forever lol

There's too much to tell about rl but I prefer not to write them here anymore
I'll just surprise everyone someday if in case there's some really important milestone that will happen in my life :p

For now, enjoy the PVs and please dont hot link


I might put everything on private because I don't wanna get my lj deleted for any reason
I might just post everything on kanjani8 just to be sure
4th-Mar-2015 02:28 pm - eow!
yasu killer smile

I'm still alive :p

Just got a bit busy irl
Which sucks
I've become such an adult that I've been neglecting fandom lately
Well, not totally!
Just not that updated about everything, I guess
But I still love Eito and HSJ so much
In that order
Oh yes
Yuma too XDD

Lots of things have happened and it'll be hard to write about everything
But when I have the time, I promise to write more ;)

2014 was a rollercoaster year for me

But at least I still ended the year happy and started 2015 happy too
But to be honest, I'm kinda scared to feel really happy
Because whenever I do, something bad happens afterwards
I guess I could say that I already got kinda traumatized from being too happy
So from now on, I'll try not to feel anything extreme

Btw, this is how I look like now XD


I think I gained so much weight in the past years
And my face also developed a lot of craters and blemishes lol
If only I could turn time!

Again, I won't promise anything
But I really want to post a lot again
I miss LJ so much!
eito renja
We've been through so much together, boys!
Though you don't know us fans personally, you make us feel that you do
I can't express in words how much you guys mean to me
Words are not enough to say how much I'm thankful that there's a band named KANJANI8

Day 3

gid by blackyducky@tumblr

Thank you so much for changing my life for the better
I love you guys so much
I hope that I'll see you again in January!

And also, Happy 33rd birthday to Red Ranger, Subaru!

11th-Sep-2014 07:55 pm - Happy 30th!
happy yasu
How is he 30??


Am I going to look this cute once I turn 30 next year??


credits to blackyducky@tumblr for the gifs ♥

Happy 30th Birthday, Shota ♥
I'm never the type who changes bias often, and I'm proud to say that he's been my ichiban for the longest time in my fangirl life
He have already beaten Toshiya a long time ago!
He haven't beaten Kurama yet, but hey, he's an anime XD

Silliness aside, I'm so happy that on his 30th birthday, I can already say the words "see you again"
The happiest moments of my life so far were those 3 days in Osaka that I was with him
On the first day, he even smiled at me directly despite the distance, and shot me his signed shirt although I wasn't able to catch it
That was our closest encounter so far
Hopefully, something better will come in the near future ;)

Happy birthday Shota!
Thanks for being alive
Thanks for being our inspiration
Thanks for being who you are
You will always be my #1 ♥

yoko is happy
Day 09 - Tokyo: Tsukiji, Tokyo Tower, Roppongi, TV Asahi (January 24, 2014)

nyel_06 have so many things planned that we never had a single day to slack off in Japan
We woke up so early in the morning because she wanted to go to Tsukiji
Honestly, I don't even have any idea what the fuck is a tsukiji
She's been telling me about it the entire time but I just keep on forgetting XDD

So at around 8am we're already searching for the tsukiji place that she's talking about
Apparently, it's like a flea market of some sort with all kinds of sea food

TsukijiCollapse )

TV Asahi and Roppongi HillsCollapse )
Since there's nothing much to see in TV Asahi, we decided to go to Tokyo Tower, since it's also nearby


I feel like I'm a CLAMP character!

Here's what you'd see on top of it!


My camera did not do the view some justice!
We could see Odaiba from it!
We waited for the sun to set and the view is so spectacular!


Then after that, I went to meet with nikouru and we went to karaoke!
Karaoke in Japan is so expensive omg
We took purikura but the pictures didn't get sent to her email
I'll try to scan them someday!

Here's a picture of me that she took beside the Tiger and Bunny standees!
The movie is about to premiere in a few days that time
Too bad I wasn't able to watch it!
The movie was heavily promoted it's amazing!


Then after my meeting with Nicole, I met with Nyel again and we went back to our hotel
It was another long and fruitful day in Japan!
3rd-Sep-2014 04:45 pm - Atsuiiiiii
eito renja
It's already September and yet, it's still hot here >_<
They said in the news that the nights are going to be longer soon, but all I ever want is a drop in the temperature XD

How's everyone?

I'll continue my Japan trip post tomorrow, for I am a bit tired now
I think I forgot to mention here that my cat Aoife gave birth to 3 healthy kittens last June 28, 2014!
They're not even 3 months old yet but they're already super big and fat and have I mentioned fat? XD

Here's Aoife nursing them around a month ago


The kittens



And here's how they look like now!

Kitten 01


Kitten 02


Kitten 03


They're so cute and eat, sleep and play a lot!
2nd-Sep-2014 03:13 pm - Day 08 - Tokyo: Odaiba!!
subaru bang!
Day 08 - Tokyo: Odaiba (January 23, 2014)

Before we left Osaka for Tokyo the night of January 22, 2014, I saw Mr. Muchu


Then when we arrived in Tokyo the morning of January 23, this is what welcomed us!


Odaiba AdventureCollapse )
It was a very productive day for something unplanned!
We had so much fun!

As for real life at the moment, I am currently watching Supernatural
It's unusual since I don't like horror lol
I skipped to Season 4 because..
Yes, I am a fan now
All because the Asgardian kinda looks like him XDD
I am totally smitten!

I just passed training at work and next week, production starts!
I promise to post more from now on!
I will do my best!
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