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My gift... and My Curse
~A Red Rose in the Black Darkness~
18th-Jan-2017 10:11 pm - Plans
yasu ur mine
Today is the hubby's off
We went to a Chinese buffer for lunch!
It was the cheapest and yet, very satisfying, buffet I've been to here
It's at 9.49USD per person and there's a lot of choices!
Of course I enjoyed the selection because I'm Asian and the choices are familiar to me
Surprisingly, I did not eat dessert!
I am so proud of myself ahahaha

I am so fat too lol
So I will seriously start jogging again tomorrow, no matter how cold it may be
My period is also delayed for a week now (but I'm not pregnant ok lol)
I guess my uterus is acting up because of my weight :/
I need to lose 30lbs to become healthy again

My husband brought me to Ross before we went home earlier
There, instead of buying clothes, I bought a slimming tea lol
I just saw it randomly and it's acai flavored so I got it
Let's see if it will aid me in my weight loss XDD

I am so excited to make soaps (again lol)
And this time, I think I wanna make my own shampoo and conditioner too haha
I am suddenly feeling crafty lol
I seriously want to make it a reality haha

I might start posting beauty related shit on my wordpress again
I'm not sure if I wanna post my girliness here too lol
17th-Jan-2017 08:57 pm - The haul that is not yet here
yasu is sorry
Wet N Wild just sent this week's newsletter
They now have cushions!!

I wanna try them lol
Thank goodness for Wet N Wild, NYX, and ELF Cosmetics
They all have a wide range of products, cheap, and most of all, cruelty free!

Speaking of beauty products, here's what my aunt's bringing here from the Philippines

Half of it, that is XD
Along with the products above are Eightertainement goods and some more
Since she can't put them in her carry on luggage, they're just going to ship it here from Alaska
I can't wait to get my hands on my new babies <3

I thought I can start watching another drama or anime today
But laziness prevailed again lol
But as I browsed through Kissasian, I found out that Hentai Kamen has a new movie
My husband and I watched it, and were reduced to a fit of laughter XD

Looking back at our Big Bear trip last weekend,
my husband said that we'll go back
He even tried looking for a cabin for rent so we can stay there overnight because the traffic was so bad going back
We even left before 5pm, and it still took us almost 3 hours to get back
There's a ski resort before Big Bear City, which is the cause of traffic
I like the idea of renting a cabin, because I haven't been to one yet!
And snow of course, is something I will never get tired of
I seriously can't wait to go back

And btw, still no update on my EAD hahaha
I guess I just have to enjoy my bum life more XD
Now... which anime and/or drama to watch?
16th-Jan-2017 07:38 pm - Drama dump
yasu ur mine

Today, I finished watching Nigeru wa Haji
The full title is so long and I can't memorize it lol
I really enjoyed watching it!
Too bad, there's only 11 episodes
I like dramas like that, lighthearted ones
And romantic lol
I like Aragaki Yui to begin with
And now, I like Hoshino Gen too!
He looks cute and when he smiles, it's adorable!

I also watched Sherlock Season 4's finale today
I hope there will be a season 5!

Eito announced a summer tour, by the way
Along with an album!
I need to get a job soon so I can afford both lol
My EAD is taking a while
My AOS interview will be on February 6
But there's still no update on my EAD
I thought that would arrive earlier...
I'm so excited to work and finally move out

I also can't wait to start making soaps
And I want it all to be cruelty-free
In fact, I already have 7 types lined up
All named after Eito, of course!
I really can't wait to try!
And while I don't have materials yet, I will try to formulate it well

14th-Jan-2017 11:58 pm - Big Bear
sexy yasu
Earlier this morning, I managed to force my husband to do some jogging
I brought the cat with us ahhaha!

And while we're jogging (more like walking)
I saw the mountains nearby with lots of snow on it's peak
It doesn't snow here in our place, but since the said mountain is located at a high elevation
There's a lot of snow
So I asked him to bring me there too

To my surprise, he did!

And so we went to Big Bear City today!

I already experienced snow in Japan before
But that time, it's only the start of winter so there's not much snow yet
It only snowed a little, and I only saw a few, dandruff-like drops
So today is my first time to play with snow
And duuuuuudddeeee
It was awesome!!

13th-Jan-2017 09:46 pm - New Hobby?
tacchon dance
I think I may have seriously found a new hobby
Soap making, that is

I don't think I can call it a hobby yet though because I haven't even tried it yet
But the entire day was mostly spent watching youtube tutorials on soap making
and reading about it too
In fact, I have even found several websites that sell the ingredients
There's even one place where everthing is available
I'm so glad!

My cart in the said website is already filled with oils and everything needed to make soap
I have learned today that coconut oil, palm oil, and olive oil are the main oil bases in making soaps
The same ones used in cooking!
I already told my husband about it and I think I already know where to spend my next allowance lol
He said yes!
I just hope that it'll be an easy talk once it's time to buy the said materials lol

I also started watching Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu
GDI, what a long title lol
It's the one with Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen
I've been seeing it on Tumblr and I got curious
Today, I finally started watching it and I'm glad I did because it's good!
Will continue to watch tomorrow though, because it's getting late

The dad fell again today of course
I helped the mom lift him up
Husband went home early from work because they finished early
He brought home a lot of freebies!

His work place always gives out free items
Most it's from overstock, and sometimes when the products are already about to expire
But this batch won't expire until a few years from now
Since there's a lot of lip balms, I will try and experiment on the others
I wanna try adding pigments and turn them into lipsticks!
12th-Jan-2017 08:25 pm - Scary
yoko is happy
Last night, there was a shoot out near us
A dude was caught DUI by an officer in the freeway
When he was apprehended, he fired at the officer
And thus, he was chased

He drove all the way to our community, entered a house,
and barricaded himself there
He was with his wife and 2 kids
I think he used them as hostage or something
Then he continued to shoot at the cops

We realized what's happening when we heard gun shots nearby
A few minutes after, around 50 or more police cars came
There were helicopters too!
I gotta admit I was amazed with how fast US police responds
It's so different from the Philippines lol

So yeah, it went on for more than an hour
I got worried lol
I was only reading the updates visa Facebook
And according to the comments, the suspect is an active shooter who uses an AK-47, with 2000 loads of ammo lol
I was worried that he might rush to our street and shoot around lol
But US police managed to contain the situation without any civilians or police officers getting hurt
The suspect died though

Here's the news article about it

On the other hand, the mom's sick and didn't go to work
I didn't have to take care of the dad lol

Today I have spend several hours watching soap making videos
As I am obsessed with skin care products and the ones that I want are only available in the Philippines
I might as well make soaps myself instead of ordering overseas

There's still no update on my EAD
I really want to work already
I want to finally earn money and then start trying to make soaps
It could become a business too!
We'll never know!
For now, I just want to make some for myself
8th-Jan-2017 09:18 pm - Missing the royal boyband
sexy yasu
My husband and I slept late last night
We finished playing Final Fantasy XV!
The story is really great and I am so attached to the characters now
However, the game is also really short

The game only has a total of 14 regular chapters
If you won't get the DLCs, that is
And if you won't play the side quests, you can finish the game in 2-3 days
In our case, we playing chapters 6-14 in 10 hours
Not to mention, we played chapters 4-5 in a few hours a day before
I wish it was longer
I already miss the gang!


And lol I wish XBOX ONE could also be connected to Facebook so it's easy to share pictures!

There's nothing much done today tbh
I woke up at 9am, ate a little, then fell sleepy again at 12pm, and woke up at 3pm
I basically wasted the day sleeping hahahaha

I also managed to make my husband agree to send some money to the Philippines
Since my aunt is still there and will be back here on the 26th,
I had to take advantage of the chance to replenish my personal care supplies

My armpits are so sensitive that using the wrong brand of deo will darken the skin
There are only 2 brands of deodorants that work on me
And sadly, they're only available in the Philippines
So I sent the money to my mom and asked her to buy at least 4 deo sticks for me
I also have a friend who sells korean skin care stuff at a much cheaper price than Amazon (or US stores for that matter)
so I ordered some stuff from her too

Now I think I am good for the entire year, skin care wise lol
I will just restock again in December, if I ever get the chance to visit the Philippines as planned

Tomorrow is Monday again
I hope that there will be an update on my EAD at least
I am so ready to start working again
My depression won't disappear while I'm still living a bum life here
7th-Jan-2017 08:53 pm - Final Fantasy XV
Okay, so we have been playing Final Fantasy XV
Well, it's my husband actually, and I'm only watching lol
But we're stuck in chapter 3 because all he ever does is fishing
When he finally decided to proceed with the game, the game went soooo fast

We started at chapter 6 today and not even 12 hours have passed and we're already at Chapter 12
We can finish the game today!
I'll miss this game once we're done
I hate my husband's other favorite game which is Battlefield 1
I don't like war games
For me, they're senseless and stupid
Why would people want to play a game that mimics war?
I just don't get it!

Anyway, there's an uncle celebrating his birthday today so most of the day was kinda quiet
I thought that the kids will only be here for like 3days every week and today is already the 3rd lol
I hope they'll be back to their mom tomorrow!
I've had enough of crying ang giggling for the week, thank you very much

I bought some face and body wax yesterday and I used it on my eyebrows today
I may have overdone the waxing on my left brow a little
but I think it's ok because I wanna try those straight eyebrows

I am also being really religious with my skin care routine lately
Gotta take care of my skin coz I'm getting older
Bad thing is, I'm addicted to skin care products XDDD
4th-Jan-2017 08:28 pm - One-day sickness?
sexy yasu
Before I went to bed last night, I was feeling really cold
But only hours after, I woke up feeling really hot lol
I guess I only get sick less than a day
It was also like this last month
I was only sick for a day or less

My husband's supposed to bring me to the cinema last night
Too bad I was sick!
We have to wait until his next off before we could watch something
Star Wars maybe

Most of the day was spent watching my husband play FF XV
He's been stuck at Chapter 3 because of fishing
But finally moved on to Chapter 4, and is not currently at Chapter 5

My Eightertainment goods already arrived
In the Philippines, that is LOL

The money I have sent zaq_in_chill safely reached her lol
I'm so thankful to her for getting me the goods and more!
I asked her to get me all of Yasu's stuff plus the shirt and the pamphlet
Whatever's left on the money is for my Kose Softymo facial wash
It's the one being endorsed by HSJ
I'm so glad that it worked great on me because not only does it have Hyaluronic acid which is good for the skin,
it's also cheap!
And also, yes, endorsed by Hey! Say! JUMP XDDD
I really love their oil cleanser too!
The only one I haven't tried yet is the honey cleanser
But I guess I'm already satisfied with the facial wash and oil cleanser

I don't wanna post too much makeup and skin care shit here because I have my wordpress for that
I created my wordpress account so my friends here won't be bothered by my girly shit
But since it looks like nobody's on lj anymore anyways, and I just can't maintain 2 blogs (lol)
I guess I'll start posting here, too!

So yes, here's what I bought in Amazon along with the sheet masks!

I'm addicted to moisturizers!
I swear, once I get a job, I'll get more LOL
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