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My gift... and My Curse
~A Red Rose in the Black Darkness~
24th-Feb-2017 09:58 pm(no subject)
yasu killer smile
No walks today because it's too cold outside XD
But I already finished Bungo Stray Dogs!

I wonder which anime to watch next...
23rd-Feb-2017 09:33 pm - More long walks
subaru bang!
Today, I watched several episodes of Bungo Stray Dogs S2
Then I went for another long walk

This time around, I didn't walk back uphill because my husband picked me up at Sally's
There, I returned the ORLY French Manicure set, and bought another 2 Finger Paints nail polish (still at B1G1 for 5USD)
I guess that ends my nail polish craving for the mean time

Tomorrow, I will walk downhill again and have my husband pick me up lol
I'd need a pair of shoes first before I can walk back up again
Yes, I am only wearing slippers XD
That's because the only shoes I have are high heels XDD

I also remembered that Sausage Party premiered on Netflix today!
So my husband and I watched it
It's very funny and not for kids lol
21st-Feb-2017 09:04 pm - Bungo Stray Dogs
sexy yasu
No jogging/walking happened today because my legs hurt
Actually, even before the 12k steps happened
my body already hurts
I was thinking that maybe walking a lot would make me feel better
But it made the pain worse XDDD

I have also binged watched Bungo Stray Dogs
I already finished season 1 and is already a few episodes into season 2
I will finish it tomorrow

I also found a streaming link for Moana
In HD!
Too bad I can't link it here
Facebook already took down the post XDDD
20th-Feb-2017 08:41 pm - 12k
watashi kagami
This happened again today


And lol my whole body hurts XD
But it's worth it!
17th-Feb-2017 09:58 pm - More movies
yasu ur mine
Maybe I'm a masochist (I doubt it lol)
But I watched another tearjerker movie today
It's Ano Hana

But I already know the ending of it because my husband already watched it
I just wanted to see it for myself
I still cried LOL

I also watched several Ghibli movies again
I have so much free time ahaha

I wanted to walk a lot again today
But it rained so hard
California weather is like Philippine weather sometimes
It's hot one day, and it's raining on the other
It rained the entire day today
I love the rain though
16th-Feb-2017 08:08 pm - CRIIIEEESS
not sleeping
So I watched Hotarubi no Mori E
I was not prepared for all the emotions
I haven't cried this much in a long time!
Damn! I'm so affected lol!

I also watched Garden of Words
I forgot the Japanese title,
but it's also a good movie
Thanks to the Goboiano article about forbidden love,
I suddenly watched those movies
I might watch more tomorrow
My heart is still crying :(

I also applied online on several companies today
This weekend, I will pester my husband to teach me how to drive
I really need to work soon!
13th-Feb-2017 07:30 pm - Package!
happy yasu
My package from the Philippines finally arrived!

It contains lots of skin care items, manicure stuff from my mom, clothes, and Eito goods!
The poster is still in Osaka because it's hard to bring along,
while the pamphlet, photo set and uchiwa were left in the Philippines
But it's ok!

I've been waiting for it since January
So happy I finally have it ♥

And since I already have the manicure tools,
I finally gave myself a manicure and pedicure earlier
It's much easier with the right tools!
I painted my toes black, and my nails, blue!
10th-Feb-2017 11:12 pm - Pain
sexy yasu
Since my period ended, my right lower back hurts
It's nothing new to be honest
But it's been bugging me and it's uncomfortable
Sadly, I can't get a massage easily here unlike in the Philippines
I already had it checked years ago and even had MRI
There's nothing wrong aside from my myomas
But normally, a good massages eases the pain

When I woke up today, my right upper palate is sore
It feels like a tooth is about to grow out of it
Nothing surprising, because I do have a small tooth inside my hard palate, waiting to grow
I have soooo many teeth!
And each time my tongue accidentally touches it, the back of my right eye hurts
The pain is like a headache
Whenever I try to swallow, I also experience the same pain
It's weird
It if continues until tomorrow, I might get a check up

And guess what?
I dreamed again
Not Johnny's though!
It's weird that I always dream

I also just watched the latest episode of Supernatural
I really love Rowena!
But my favorite character is Castiel, of course!

I just finished reading a yaoi manga
I wanted to post it here so I won't forget the title LOL
It's Kocchi Muite, Ai
It's good! I really liked it!
And the mangaka is the one who made that Fudanshi anime!
Checking her tag, all her works are great!
I think I know what I'm going to do tomorrow!

I didn't get to run today because of the pain
Seriously, either my myomas have really gotten bigger, or I have some broken bones or something
Whatever it is, I hope that the pain disappears :(
It's really hard to function with lots of pain :(
7th-Feb-2017 09:36 pm - Mystic Valentine
Mystic messenger has a Valentine update!
And you don't have to stay up late at night just to do it!
I got Zen's right away, of course!
But the one that made me squeal the most was 707's ♥

I woke up late today XD
Well, I woke up at 3:30am because my of my husband's alarm,
then fell asleep again around 7am because I chatted with friends lol
Then I woke up again at 11:30am haha
I think I had a dream again
I've been dreaming a lot lately XD

Tomorrow, we'll go to the nearest Social Security branch to get my SSN
I can't wait to complete all my requirements so I can finally apply for a job
I need to maximize what's left of my long vacation
Now, which anime to watch... XD
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