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11th-Aug-2014 01:49 am - Rurouni Kenshin - Press Conference
yasu ur mine
So here's the second part of my Rurouni Kenshin experience :)

Munetaka Aoki-san really got me smitten because he's so adorable
So the night after the red carpet event, I've decided to make this,
Hoping that I can get him (and the others) sign it XD


It's my first attempt to make an uchiwa
I didn't even made one for Yasu before because I knew that it'll be useless since we were on the second floor of Kyocera Dome
This uchiwa turned out to be a very lucky one ♥

The other shopping mall who sponsored the events is Glorietta Ayala Mall
Their's is the press conference
If SM Megamall gave out free red carpet passes, Glorietta didn't
You have to buy at least 500php worth of products from them on the day of the event (August 7), and also buy a Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno movie ticket in advance XD
Since the slots are limited to only 300 people, I knew that I didn't stand a chance
Thankfully, my friend Kidd won the Ultimate Rurouni Kenshin Fan contest
She got 5 VIP passes and 5 signed posters which will be given by the cast themselves!
Luckily, she gave me one of the passes ♥♥♥


I never expected to even have a chair on the said event
The 300 people who managed to get press con passes were in the mosh pit!
I was expecting that we'd be there, too!
But to our surprise, we were even given super front seats, right beside the press and other VIPs!

front seat

The stage was right in front of us, no cockblocking Japanese press dude like yesterday!
Takei Emi was not there anymore because she had to go to back to Japan earlier than the rest
So we only had Director Keishi Otomo, Sato Takeru, and Munetaka Aoki-sama hihihi

Imagine my happiness when Aoki-san seated right in front of me,
and when he noticed my uchiwa!
He gave me 2 thumbs up, and smiled and waived at me many times while pointing at my uchiwa!
I was soooooooooo happy!
It's literally like "SENPAI NOTICED ME"
Yes, that's the perfect way to describe it!
And that's not even the highlight of the day!

After they answered questions from the press and some picture taking, it's finally our turn!
The Ultimate Rurouni Kenshin Fan (along with her 4 lucky friends) were asked to go on stage to receive the signed posters!
Before that, we were told that we're not allowed to do anything (shake their hands, etc) unless they initiated it
We were also told not to bring anything on stage so I wasn't able to have my uchiwa signed :(
But when we went on stage (I was the first to go, even though I'm not really the winner LOL), Takeru was the first to welcome us!
He gave me the poster, then shook my hand (he is SO HANDSOME up close)
Then something unexpected happened...
When it was Aoki-san's turn to greet me, he grabbed me for a big hug!!!

credits to for the pic

Here's the video of what happened!
Please pardon the noise and to my Filipino friends, please don't mind the friend who's taking the video is just too happy for me XDD
And a shorter (and more flaily, more embarassing) video LOL

You can read the entire article here
They even called me the Luckiest. Fan. EVER.


So yes, Munetaka Aoki successfully ruined my life that day
I am now in the middle of downloading everything that has him in it (drama, movie...etc!!)

Once I renewed my paid LJ account, I am sooo making an Aoki icon XDDD

Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno premieres here in the Philippines on August 20, while The Legend Ends premieres on September 24
sexy yasu

Hey guys!
How's everyone?

I've been too lazy to post entries here this year, just when a lot of stuff are happening
I guess I need to start posting regularly again!

To summarize some of the highlights in the past month;
- I resigned from work
- I got my multiple-entry visa to Japan

And then, I became a bit famous in the past few days :D
I made it to Arama!
Yes, believe it or not!

Credits to Arama for the pic

See that girl with a huge smile on her face?
That's me XDDD

I also made it to and ABS-CBNews
But I will talk about that later on, so there's suspense XD

Last August 6-7, the main casts of Rurouni Kenshin movie along with Director Keishi Otomo went here to promote the movie!
The series is one of the most popular anime series ever aired on Philippine television, so it's not a surprise that the first movie earned a lot (despite it being shown here when the official DVD is already out)
Guilty as charged, I went to the watch the first movie 4x in theaters last 2012
But that's nothing compared to some of my friends who went to watch it 9 or 10 times XD
So when the news about the cast going here to promote the upcoming sequels (Movie 2 on August 20, and Movie 3 on September 24) came out, the fans are so excited to see them!

Two shopping malls along with Warner Brothers sponsored the events
On August 6, a Red Carpet Procession was held at SM Megamall
Director Keishi Otomo, Sato Takeru, Munetaka Aoki and Takei Emi were there ♥
But before that, they gave away red carpet passes to lucky winners
One of  my friends, Ross, happened to win 2 passes, and she gave me one of them!


This is my view from the red carpet event


Sato Takeru is soooooooo cute!
People have been calling him HOT, but I beg to differ
He's still that cutiepie Kamen Rider Den-O for me
So I'll always have nee-san feels for him lol

Takei Emi is soooo pretty!
Ross even brought an Ohkura uchiwa for her ahahaha
She's soooo cute and adorable!
Her voice is so tiny lol

Director Keishi Otomo is soooo cool!
He's also really nice and I think he's overwhelmed by how much fans they have here in the Philippines

And last but not the least, MUNETAKA AOKI
The guy is adorable!
He spoke in Engrish and Tagalog the entire time!!
Imagine that!
All the effort!!
He has a cheat sheet written on his palm in case he forgets what he wants to say
The guy exerted so much effort!
He even called Rurouni Kenshin "Samurai X", like how we call them here (because they showed the English Dubbed here first)
He really did his research!
Whenever fans are shouting "KENSHIN! KENSHIN! KENSHIN!"
He will shout "SANO! SANO! SANO!"
And whenever Kenshin or the others are asked questions, he makes sure that he also answers!
He's just soooooo adorable!
And he's only wearing slippers ahahah!


They're all really nice!
They signed autographs, posed for pictures, and shook the hands of as many fans as they can!
It's so amazing!

After the red carpet event is the movie premiere
I didn't have a movie premiere pass so my friends and I just ate out afterwards
After all, we got squished in the mosh pit and we're so tired from standing up for hours XD
Some of my really close friends won premiere tickets, so all is well!

I will write about the second day on a separate entry!
And I tell you, it's even more awesome than the first one!!

21st-Jun-2014 12:36 am - Uchiwa (and others) for Sale
not sleeping
Here I am again, selling more stuff
Again, I'm not leaving the fandom
Eito means so much to me and I will never do that
However, I need to save money so I'm letting go of some of my goods, mostly the ones that aren't Yasu-centric XD
So yeah... here they are!

800php each

more uchiwas hereCollapse )

and more!Collapse )

Myojo 2012.10
Cover: Arashi
Price: 1000php
18th-Jun-2014 06:25 am - damn
happy yasu
Fuck I love him so much T^T

15th-Jun-2014 02:07 am - Romeo?
sexy yasu
It seems that Yasu will have a stage play from October 8-31
Romeo and Juliet?
With Oomasa Aya

Thank goodness I like her XD
Too bad, I can't be there to watch it
If only it starts a little earlier...
Like, even 10days earlier T^T
Oh well
I can't be greedy
I need to be contented with what I've already experienced this January
I have to go to my hometown to visit my mom
I have to bring my brothers to the cinema too to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2
I don't have money anymore, but it's our simple bonding together
I'd have them pay for the food
14th-Jun-2014 06:38 am - More stuff for sale
yoko is happy
I swear, this journal is not going to become a sales journal
I just happened to have a couple of stuff that needs new home,
and I also need to save up some money for future plans

Aside from the ones posted here >>
I also have a few additional things to sell


Eye Ai January 2013
Price: 350 pesos
This one belongs to zaq_in_chill because once upon a time, she went on a shopping spree at and ordered 4 copies
I know
My friends and I have that tendency to hoard Eito stuff XDD


Eito Ring (infinity ring)
Real 92.5 Sterling Silver
Comes in various sizes
Price: by request, because this one is made to order from my friend's jewelry shop
This is real silver meant as engagement or wedding rings
But don't worry because it's not branded, which means it's not as expensive as Tiffany's etc

Please feel free to comment here if you're interested

Thanks for your time!
12th-Jun-2014 06:27 am - Gomen!
yasu is sorry
I just checked my inbox here and realized that I have so many messages >_<
I'm sorry if it took me a while to reply m(_ _)m

As for the ones requesting for re-uploads, I'm not in the mood to re-upload stuff yet
I'm a bit busy lately, and will become even busier in the upcoming weeks
It might take me months
Or maybe just days, depending really on my mood lol

Reminding everyone that I still have some stuff for sale...
Please feel free to check them out ^^

See you again!
9th-Jun-2014 08:14 am - Diver 3
nandemo yasu
For the 3rd time, he's on the cover of Diver magazine!


Someone please help me get this T^T
Please T^T
6th-Jun-2014 07:09 am - Selling some stuff
happy yasu
I have a lot of things planned this year that needed money,
Lots of it
Which is why I'd be selling some of my most precious Johnny's goods

I'm not leaving the fandom or anything
These are the goods that I am fine living without

tv zoom

The Television Zoom Vol. 15
I wanted to make sure that I have a copy so I ended up having 2..

Amazing stuff inside the cutCollapse )
Please feel free to drop a message if you're interested in anything
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