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~A Red Rose in the Black Darkness~
21st-Jun-2014 12:36 am - Uchiwa (and others) for Sale
not sleeping
Here I am again, selling more stuff
Again, I'm not leaving the fandom
Eito means so much to me and I will never do that
However, I need to save money so I'm letting go of some of my goods, mostly the ones that aren't Yasu-centric XD
So yeah... here they are!

800php each

more uchiwas hereCollapse )

and more!Collapse )

Myojo 2012.10
Cover: Arashi
Price: 1000php
18th-Jun-2014 06:25 am - damn
happy yasu
Fuck I love him so much T^T

15th-Jun-2014 02:07 am - Romeo?
sexy yasu
It seems that Yasu will have a stage play from October 8-31
Romeo and Juliet?
With Oomasa Aya

Thank goodness I like her XD
Too bad, I can't be there to watch it
If only it starts a little earlier...
Like, even 10days earlier T^T
Oh well
I can't be greedy
I need to be contented with what I've already experienced this January
I have to go to my hometown to visit my mom
I have to bring my brothers to the cinema too to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2
I don't have money anymore, but it's our simple bonding together
I'd have them pay for the food
14th-Jun-2014 06:38 am - More stuff for sale
yoko is happy
I swear, this journal is not going to become a sales journal
I just happened to have a couple of stuff that needs new home,
and I also need to save up some money for future plans

Aside from the ones posted here >>
I also have a few additional things to sell


Eye Ai January 2013
Price: 350 pesos
This one belongs to zaq_in_chill because once upon a time, she went on a shopping spree at and ordered 4 copies
I know
My friends and I have that tendency to hoard Eito stuff XDD


Eito Ring (infinity ring)
Real 92.5 Sterling Silver
Comes in various sizes
Price: by request, because this one is made to order from my friend's jewelry shop
This is real silver meant as engagement or wedding rings
But don't worry because it's not branded, which means it's not as expensive as Tiffany's etc

Please feel free to comment here if you're interested

Thanks for your time!
12th-Jun-2014 06:27 am - Gomen!
yasu is sorry
I just checked my inbox here and realized that I have so many messages >_<
I'm sorry if it took me a while to reply m(_ _)m

As for the ones requesting for re-uploads, I'm not in the mood to re-upload stuff yet
I'm a bit busy lately, and will become even busier in the upcoming weeks
It might take me months
Or maybe just days, depending really on my mood lol

Reminding everyone that I still have some stuff for sale...
Please feel free to check them out ^^

See you again!
9th-Jun-2014 08:14 am - Diver 3
nandemo yasu
For the 3rd time, he's on the cover of Diver magazine!


Someone please help me get this T^T
Please T^T
6th-Jun-2014 07:09 am - Selling some stuff
happy yasu
I have a lot of things planned this year that needed money,
Lots of it
Which is why I'd be selling some of my most precious Johnny's goods

I'm not leaving the fandom or anything
These are the goods that I am fine living without

tv zoom

The Television Zoom Vol. 15
I wanted to make sure that I have a copy so I ended up having 2..

Amazing stuff inside the cutCollapse )
Please feel free to drop a message if you're interested in anything
27th-May-2014 08:00 am - Perfectionnfvbdsfhvbjhdsvjhbdf
yasu killer smile
Seriously, he needs to stop looking perfect


Like, stop


I just can't!



18th-May-2014 08:31 am(no subject)
not sleeping
Whoa whoa whoa!
LJ looks different!
I hope that this won't mean more down times than usual? XD

I forgot to post an entry on Ohkura's birthday
I'm sorry, Tacchon!
I love you nonetheless!

Lately, I've only been watching JUKEBOX DVD and western movies >_<
I haven't even watched the anime series I have lined up XD
I don't know
I'm just not in the mood for anime at the moment
I just wanna watch JUKEBOX DVD over and over again
And occasionally, some western movies
Especially romantic ones

The Asgardian and I are doing great
I'm being a bitch to him most of the time,
But you know how mature guys don't care about girls and their hormones?
That's him XD
I think I annoy him often, but he doesn't take it seriously
I really suck in things like this, you know?
I'm a bit clingy and annoying and... argh
I'm so glad he's such a great guy T^T

It's so freakin' hot here in the Philippines right now
I really, really, really HATE summer
I wish we have winter here T^T

I might continue writing about my Japan trip later today
I have to finish writing it!
It's long overdue lol
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