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My gift... and My Curse

~A Red Rose in the Black Darkness~

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Kill Buddha as you meet him. Kill the Father as you meet him. Never be captivated by anyone. Just live your life the way you are.
-- Genjo Sanzo

Johnny's fan.
Irei Kanata fan since 2007
Eighter since 2008
Hey! Say! JUMP fan since 2012
Favorites: Yasuda Shota, Okamoto Keito, Nakayama Yuma, Morimoto Shintaro, Fujii Ryusei

I mostly blog about the groups/boys mentioned above.
I'm also a fan of several anime series.
I love the color blue.
I love sweets.

Stamped as Yokoyama Yu at eito_ratings

Eito Rangers

安田章大 is ♥
Yasuda Shota

Kanata Irei (Daniel Irei)
Irei Kanata
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The Highest Wizard Of Annihilation Fenrir ~TYR~

Annihilation Fenrir

tarochan"s headgears

Eito Rangers

Kanjani8 is LOVE

8 will always be 8
I'm a proud Eighter!

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