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My gift... and My Curse
~A Red Rose in the Black Darkness~
24th-Dec-2017 02:49 pm - Not Dead
7 okans

I’m alive. Just busy with real life (and being lazy)

I will try my best to post daily again starting next year!

Merry Christmas!

4th-May-2017 06:49 am - Yasu
yasu killer smile
I missed posting for a couple of days because I'm so tired after work
We live 25 miles away from work and starting today, we'll be moving to the new office and it's 40 miles away from us
I expect coming home later and more tired than usual starting today
Good thing we'll be moving to the new apartment next week

It's early in the morning and I'm waiting for my Uber driver to arrive
While waiting for her, let me write about this sad and happy dream I had about Yasu

The setting is in my hometown in the Philippines
There's this terminal for jeepneys and there's a computer school right beside it
As I was waiting for my ride home, I saw Yasu inside the computer taking a class
It seems like his classmates are not even aware that he's a big star in Japan
Being the fangirl that I am, I left letters to him by the doorstep of his classroom

I continued stalking him (as I would seriously do if it was in real life lol), it was only a matter of time until he finds out that someone knows him
I was eating in a place somewhere near when he "passed-by", trying to find out who wrote the letters to him
I was writing my new letter when he caught me off hand
He picked up a letter that accidentally fell on the ground, and got mad at me for sending them to him
I denied that it was me, of course lol
Then I walked away, lying that I have something to do, then I ran fast inside a shop-like place to hide from him

But Yasu is persistent in my dream
He found where I was hiding and demanded for an explanation
He wanted to know why I was stalking him and sending him letters!
Duh!! I'm a big fan of yours, dummy!
So I showed him my Yasu collection while I was crying hahahaha

He was so amazed that I have almost all his uchiwas and have hundreds of his shop photos
I was a bit embarrassed that I also have lots of his paparazzi pics too lol
But he was so amazed and he was happy
In the end, he's the one who won't leave me alone
But you know how dreams end at the best part all the time????
Because it did!!

But still, I dreamed about Yasu!!
And it's been a while!
I miss him so much!
30th-Apr-2017 08:35 pm - Another visit
not sleeping
We went to check the apartment again
We're decided
We're really going to take it!
28th-Apr-2017 09:42 pm - Survived
yaaaaay tacchon!
I survived my first week of work!
There's so many things to write about!
But I'm also really sleepy and tired

I will make it up tomorrow!
23rd-Apr-2017 09:26 pm - Township
not sleeping
That freakin' Township game
I am so addicted now lol
I spent majority of the day playing it
Why did I get a new game just when work finally starts tomorrow???
What have I gotten myself into?

Playing Joker's route in Lost Alice is not as interesting as Luke's lol
Maybe because with Luke, it's my first time to play the game itself,
so everything is new
But with Joker, I already have an idea about the game play so it's not as interesting anymore
Or maybe I'm just saying all this because of Township
I don't know lol

Tomorrow, I will finally start with my full time job!
It's going to be a fresh start for me
I can't wait to establish my career here
I already made a budget file for this year
I hope that I can push through with my plans
I wanna save as much as I can
Of course I still have to help my family
Filipinos are like that unfortunately lol
18th-Apr-2017 07:55 pm - Sick?
yoko is happy
I think I'm gonna get sick
After I drank a glass of milk this morning,
I started feeling feverish
I rested for a bit, took meds, then ate lunch
After I ate lunch I had heartburn

When afternoon came, I felt better
But now that it's evening time, I'm back to feeling feverish
I hope I won't sick tomorrow because we need to have my Social Security updated and have the restrictions removed
The number will be the same, but I can finally use it to build my credit

I just played more mobile games today
I am such a bum lol
I need to read yaoi fanfics though
17th-Apr-2017 07:56 pm - Nowaki ♥
watashi kagami
Since I'm already on a Nakamura Shungiku marathon,
I've decided to also rewatch Junjou Romantica
Once again, I am reminded how much I love Junjou Egoist!
Nowaki is ♥
I wish Sekaiichi Hatsukoi gets a season 3 fast though
I want more Takano-san!

Nothing much was done today
Life is boring lol
But this is my last Monday (again) as a bum
Hopefully the next time will be a long time from now LOL

I suddenly remembered Wedding Peach
I might watch it again, depends on my laziness hahaha

On the other hand, I found Aramary's website!
She was the first vocalist of Sound Horizon and she is my favorite!
It's good to know that she's still active
I really love her voice!
16th-Apr-2017 08:01 pm - Hybrid Child
yasu ur mine
Today, I finally watched Hybrid Child

The author of Hybrid Child is Nakamura Shungiku
Aka the same genius behind Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
But Hybrid Child is so different from the 2
It's darker, and sadder :(
I am so heartbroken with Kuroda's story

My husband and I also watched the anime movie
The Empire of the Corpses
It was beautiful both in artwork and story
He just happened to stumble upon it randomly
He liked the artwork so we watched it
And we're glad we did because it was really good

Today, I also drove for the 3rd time
Just when I thought that I can already manage it, I'm back to being scared hahaha
I don't know how long it will take me to become good at it, but slowly and surely

Tonight I wanna read fanfics on Hybrid Child and maybe Empire of the Corpses too
Or maybe about Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
Takano-san is ♥

I'm getting more and more addicted to Lost Alice
The story is getting better and better because I'm only 3 chapters away before the end of my current route
I think I might do Cheshire Cat's route after my current one which is The Hatter's

Ninja Shadow is also getting better
I'm really glad I chose Makoto
But I also can't wait to play Ukyo's route
8th-Apr-2017 10:30 pm - Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
yasu ur mine
Maybe it's the fact that my long vacation is finally over,
But I suddenly felt like rewatching Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
I'll try to finish it until tomorrow

Nothing much done today
Just lots of Lost Alice lol
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